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Pooja Packaging is fully capable of performing box compression testing on site. This equipment allows us to test compression strength of a whole box, not just small pieces (as for ECT and FCT). Coupled with other tests, this provides further indication of expected box stacking performance and reliability.

Featuring a 48” x 40” compression platen, we are able to test nearly all boxes manufactured at Pooja Packaging. Boxes can be tested empty or as packed by the user.

When a series of tests are performed on multiple samples of the same box, software provides performance summaries of the tests completed. For boxes that are manufactured at separate intervals over time, specs can be recalled and current results can be compared to prior tests on the same box. This provides a comprehensive history of box performance

Box Compression Testing at Pooja Packaging

Testing Available:

  • Peak at Fallback – most common general test, determining peak force and deflection when box fails.
  • Static Load – simulates warehouse stacking conditions over time
  • Profile simulates effects of repetitive stacking and unstacking of product on top of the sample box.
  • Peak at Deflection – maximum acceptable deflection of box walls can be set and then peak load recorded when that point is reached.
  • Load at Deflection – like “peak at deflection,” but load force recorded. Load is typically less than peak force.